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Won 15 Great Prizes in the 2016 Guangdong Undergraduate Business Plan Competition


On May 22, the 2016 Guangdong Undergraduate Business Plan Competition of “Challenge Cup▪ Youth Creation” was concluded, which was co-hosted by Guangdong Youth League Committee, Guangdong Education Bureau, Guangdong Science Bureau and the People’s Government of Dongguan City. Huali students won 4 silver medals and 11 bronze medals in this contest. The aim of this competition is to cultivate undergraduates’ innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and to raise their independent entrepreneurial ability. It is divided into three parts: entrepreneurial design contest, entrepreneurial practice contest and social entrepreneurship contest. Colleges and universities in Guangdong Province reacted actively to this competition with 383 entries from 83 of these schools being selected into the finals. 15 of these entries were from Huali College, with 4 entering the final round and 11 taking part in an exhibition, covering areas of public benefit, food, machinery, energy and mass media, etc. Among all the other independent colleges, Huali College has the most finalists and it is the only one that entered the final round of this Guangdong entrepreneurial practice competition.

Driven by innovation and led by youth, young people are the fresh troops of entrepreneurship with dreams in mind and entrepreneurial spirit in heart. We hope that Huali students can regard this competition as a new beginning to broad their innovative thoughts, boost entrepreneurial practice and to achieve great success to the promise of their youth with hearty spirit and high morale. Besides, those students who obtained excellent results should guard against arrogance and keep creating brilliant achievements for our college.

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