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The Eighth Top Ten Campus Singers final contest


To promote the construction of our campus cultural activities, “the Eighth Top Ten Campus Singers final Contest” was held in front plaza of the multifunctional building on April 6.

Under brilliant lights, accompanied by exciting music, AM hip-hop team began an opening dance so vibrant and energetic as to hold all the spectators and focus their attention on the big flashing stage, with witch, the Eighth Top Ten Campus Singers Final Contest slowly started.

Rivalrous and marvelous, Sixteen singers appeared one by one to make wonderful self-introductions and competed with each other, expressing different features. The song "Exclusive Memory” was performed affectionately, “No one has time machine, only the memories buried in the heart; “Painting Heart” won great applause from the audience with its plaintive melody and gentle elegant dance. The unique song, "Surname Wang," conveyed the vigor of youth and persistence in pursuing dreams. In "Looking back", the singer presented her regretless youth by virtue of pure voice.

After two rounds of intense competition, competitor No. 9 Wang Yanbing won the championship, competitor No. 16 Yao Weiwen won the second and competitor No.4 Lin Weikang won the third.
So now, “the Eighth Top Ten Campus Singers Final Contest” came to a close. While the course of success is always full of hardships, the moment of it is so compelling and inspiring. This singing contest not only enriched the cultural construction of our campus but also provided students with a good stage to show their enchantment. What’s more, it served as a good interpretation of the spiritual positivity and the beauty of youth.

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