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2017 Spring Festival Party of Huali Science and Technology Park


    In the evening of January 13, 2017, “brilliantly illuminated, bursting with happiness” as the theme of the 2017 Spring Festival party of Huali Science and Technology Park was held in the square in front of our main building. Board of directors, staff in each unit of Huali Science and Technology Park, student representatives and guests all have a joyous gathering to spend the night.
    2016 is a fruitful year for the international exchange centre. Our first international class students in June this year, all received a letter of acceptance from foreign universities, to achieve a 100% acceptance rate! In 2016’s Students enrollment, the number of international class enrollment rose triple the number from last year! In three years, the number of students in international classes turn to 200 from 40. In      this year, the international cooperation and Exchange Center welcomed international visitors from Canada Newfoundland University, University of Huddersfield, ALT, Northampton University,University of Wisconsin Stout, ITU, Western State University, Thailand Shinawatra , and successfully signed a cooperation protocol.
    This party were all colorful shows. There were passionate dance, amazing magic and elegant music;both the students and teachers have joined the performance.In the middle, there was also lucky draw to bring us surprise. We were immersed in the festive atmosphere of warmth. Finally, the party end with the elegant wind ensemble.
    Here we wish the Huali education gain great progress, and also all the people have a wonderful new year.

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