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100% of Our college’s international class students of 2016 double degree program have been admitted


    In order to celebrate all international class students of 2016 double degree program have been admitted by foreign universities, in the afternoon of June 24th,our college held a ceremony at No. 2 hall of our library. Guests from Foreign universities and institutions, Ye Yaming --- general manager of Guangzhou Huali Investment Co. Ltd., school leaders and related teachers , and all the international students attend the ceremony.
    Guo Songping, vice president of the college made a speech, she expressed warm congratulations to 47 international class students who received foreign universities admission notice, and expressed heartfelt thanks to parents, relatives and friends, institutions of cooperation who pay attention to and support the growth and development of our students. In this batch students who will travel to Britain, the United States and other countries to continue their further studies, she hopes the students can adapt to their life abroad, diligently learn cultural knowledge, and strive for the successful completion of their studies.
    Northampton and other school guests came to speak thanks to our sincere cooperation,and hope the students cherish the opportunity to study abroad, and actively strive to complete their studies.
Professor Dong Xiaolin, executive dean of the University and foreign cooperation University guests congratulate to the international class students issued foreign university admission notice.
    Finally the international class students and leaders and foreign university guests posed for pictures, marking the successful completion of the celebration.
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